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IMAGE About Us

Wadi Co. is the sole agent of Lenze AG since 2002. Lenze is the German market leader in power transmission. Wadi is also the sole agent of  Into...

INTORQ in Aerzen produces brakes and clutches for many different areas of daily life. The background of INTORQ demands that it continues to set the...

Our products Lenze's product range includes frequency inverters, servo drives, geared motors, motors, clutches and brakes. It also features...
IMAGE Transtecno

Transtecno Group designs, produces and sells a wide range of gearboxes (worm, helical, planetary) and electric motors AC and DC either as standard or...


Contact Us

الوادي للتكنولوجيا والتنمية
210 Sudan St., Mohandessin, Giza 

Email:  info@waditech.com.eg

Phone:  +2-02-33476842

Fax:  +2-02-33476843

Mobile:  +2-01227404999



تقوم شركة الوادى بتقديم خدمة إصلاح منتجات شركة لنزا . لطلب دعم فنى لأي من منتجات...

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