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Single quadrant controllers 


  • Output powers from1.3 to 7KW 230/400V.
  • Output current: up to 27A.


  • Compact controllers with isolated heat sink.
  • Operation with tacho or armature voltage feedback with "I x R compensation"
  • Isolation of control electronics and power stage when tacho feedback is used.
  • Self-synchronization of the phase shifter for 50 ... 60-Hz mains.
  • High interference margin due to integrated synchronizing filter .
  • Burst-gate thyristor control in the power stage.
  • Reliable operation also for mains voltage fluctuations and short-term mains failures due to static and dynamic voltage monitoring.
  • Display of the operating states using LEDs.
  • Free connections for set-value delay, actual value differential component, speed reset time.
  • Current limitation from 0 to Max output current.
  • Ambient Temperature: 0- 45°C.

Inputs and Outputs:

  • 1 start/stop digital input.
  • 1 speed reference analogue input 0-10V.
  • 1 additional speed analogue input from -10 to +10V.
  • 1 torque controller analogue input from 0 to -10V.
  • 1 tacho feedback input 10-180V.
  • 1 analogue output corresponding to the output speed.
  • 1 analogue output corresponding to the actual armature current.

Option boards can be retrofitted:

  1. Set-value integrator 2003.
  2. Winding calculator 1071.


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